NEXUNITY is an IT consulting company with focus on Bitcoin and the technology behind it. With our many years of experience in the fields of networking, cryptography and cloud computing, we can assist you when facing any of these complex areas. Whether it be in the realm of cryptocurrencies or in the scope of your own project, we can provide the development, guidance and support you need.


Max Wolter has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, with a specialization in networking. He intends to further his knowledge by completing a Master in Management of Security of IT Systems. Next to his academic career, Max was active in the field of IT since he was 14 years old. Over the years, he explored many projects, including advanced fields such as computer graphics, computer vision and massive parallel programming. Networking and cryptography are his passion.

Quan Nguyen holds a Master of Science in Computational Engineering, as well as a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. He is currently preparing his PhD thesis on the subject of Cloud Computing. Quan was surrounded by computers for most of his life. In the past, he has often worked on embedded systems and major software projects. Security was a crucial aspect for all of his past work. He loves clean, efficient and secure architectures.



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